WordPress Review Site Plugin 2.0

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    WP Review Site Plugin: Create Niche Review Sites With WordPress!

    The best super-affiliates are raking in tens of thousands of dollars a month running review sites. They’re the perfect affiliate marketing website — fresh content, that you don’t have to write (your visitors do the work for you!), that convinces buyers to pull out their wallets — generating commissions for you!

    As the number of affiliate marketers increases, it becomes increasingly important to be the last cookie: the last website a customer visits before making their purchase. Where do customers turn before making the final decision? To reviews!

    Our own review site, Award Winning Hosts has pulled in thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions just by letting people review their web hosting companies. Each time someone clicks a link to a host reviewed on the site and signs up, we get paid $100, $150 or more! And this is not luck — do a Google search for web hosts and you’ll see that not only are the top advertisers (paying $5-20 per click) review sites, but the top natural results as well. Search engines love user reviews — just think about how many top results Amazon.com has with all the product reviews they’ve collected.

    With WP Review Site, you can turn WordPress into a powerful review site engine, easily creating niche review sites for virtually anything -- review products, services, websites, restaurants, hotels, credit cards, beer! This plugin adds star ratings in categories you define (like "value", "support", "ease of use") to your comment forms, turning them into powerful Amazon-style customer reviews.

    WP Review Site, formerly “WP DG Review Site Plugin”, has already been downloaded hundreds of times, and powers many successful review sites. But the all-new version 2.0 has just been released, making it easier to use, and more powerful than ever. You no longer need to know how to edit WordPress themes or change any code -- either use the included complete theme, or turn on "auto embed" to add ratings to your own theme automatically!

    Ready to start making money? You can proceed directly to the Buy Now page to purchase the plugin and all the extras it comes with. Or, you can read more about the features this plugin will add to your WordPress-powered site.

    Plus, our new version 2.0 includes bonus affiliate marketing tools! These are the same abilities you’d have to pay $67 for elsewhere, adding affiliate link management to your WordPress administration panels. Just specify keywords and WP Review Site will turn them into affiliate links whenever they appear in your posts or pages.



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    Hello, I was looking to see how to download the attachment. I appreciate you sharing this download!
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    thx for the plugin, i was searching for it.
    i hope i can download it now lol
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    How can I download this? I cannot find the thnks button.

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    Got it....but I still cannot download.

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    Do I need a minimum number of posts?
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    hi at all! it is the script what i search is this script nulled and how is it possible to download?
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    how can I download it? Thnaks
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    is it worth downloading? seems like the plugin is pretty outdated...
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    Thank you
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