Zoints Anonymous Posting - Improved privacy for members

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    Have you ever wanted to discuss something on a forum but never posted because you didn't want people to know it was you? To solve this problem, we created an anonymous posting hack.

    Via the admin control panel, you can easily choose which forum(s) allows for anonymous posting.


    For anonymous enabled forums, your members then get this handly little checkbox (unchecked by default) when making a new thread or post.


    If they check the box, then their post is created under the account you setup and assign as the anonymous poster. I personally created an "anonymous" username, but you can create whatever you want.


    As forum owners, we all know that a few members will choose to screw around with this feature. Therefore we created an easy means to identify who created an anonymous thread/post should the need arise. Please be ethical and tell your members you can see who posted anonymously should the need arise. You can check the log by going here:


    And the log looks something like this:


    This product was originally used to 3.7.X version common to 3.8.X
    attachment installation instructions to join 4.0.X syntax can be used


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    Database error in vBulletin 3.8.2 say xml!!!