Do It With Drupal - Video Sessions - 3 DVDs

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    The Do It With Drupal Seminar has come and gone; however, you can now get access to the 2009 archive of content from the event. Learn what it takes to build successful websites and online communities by watching over 80 hours of video from the Do It With Drupal Seminar.

    We’re making the video from the seminar sessions available.
    * Learn from Drupal’s top developers and some of the web’s top community leaders and thinkers.
    * See dissections of some of the most popular and successful Drupal sites.
    * Gain insight from Drupal experts who answer questions from other web professionals, developers, designers, and decision makers.
    * Learn about the nuts and bolts of architecting, planning, building, and managing Drupal projects.
    * Hear from community-building experts about the processes for building and growing successful websites.

    DISC 1 - 4GB
    DISC 2 - 4GB
    DISC 3 - 4GB
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