vB Nexus ++++++++ & Google multiple login integration

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    使用这个插件可以实现用google帐户 雅虎帐户 AIM帐户和facebook帐户在论坛里登陆
    有演示 大家可以试试

    vBulletin Version: 3.8.x
    Release Date: 18 August 2009
    vBulletin Nexus
    Current project release: BETA
    This works on vBulletin 3.7.X - 3.8.4

    This product will allow visitors to join your community using their ++++++++, Google, Yahoo or AIM account; and will allow your existing members to associate an existing forum account with one of the services - such as ++++++++.

    Please read the documentation and follow it exactly before requesting installation help. Please note, if you have heavily modified styles that are missing hooks - this product will not work and require additional installation steps.

    DEMO: vB Nexus - Powered by vBulletin

    Basic Instructions for your forum's users: http://carblog.com/vbnexus/user-guide/


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