vBadvanced CMPS v4.0 Beta 1 Released!

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    vBadvanced CMPS v4.0.0 Beta 1 for vBulletin v4.0 has been released and is now available in the Members' Area here. This is a BETA release, so if you are not fully comfortable with backing up and restoring your forums database, we recommend waiting until vBadvanced CMPS 4.0.0 RC1 is released before you upgrade. Although there are no known issues at this time, Beta 1 has only been tested on a few sites and therefore is not recommended for production sites yet.

    Important Notes:
    • This is beta software! Before upgrading, be sure to backup your database so you can revert to your backup if there are problems.
    • It is *highly* recommended that you upgrade a test site using a recent backup of the database for your live site before upgrading your live site.
    • Most custom and 3rd party modules designed for previous versions of the CMPS will not work after upgrading. Specifically, any PHP file modules that use vBulletin 3's template system will not work due to the changes with vBulletin 4. Most "Template" modules should survive the upgrade, though some templates may need to be modified to use the new CSS classes in vB4 before they will look right.
      If you see error messages or other issues with the layout after you upgrade, be sure to disable any 3rd party or custom modules you have.

    To upgrade to vBadvanced CMPS v4.0, first upgrade your vBulletin forums to the latest release of vBulletin 4.0. Once you've upgraded vBulletin, the CMPS upgrade instructions are the same as usual and may be found in the readme

    Problems or Questions?
    If you have any problems or questions regarding the new release, please post them in the new vBadvanced CMPS v4.0 forums.

    Thanks to everyone for their patience as I've been working to make our products compatible with the vBulletin 4 series. vBa Links Directory v4.0 is still in the works and should be the next product to be released, and of course will be followed by vBa Dynamics.
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