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    A very easy to Make widget for a Chat Box in CMS. RC-4

    The reason I made this Widget was to have a Chat box for my Site. It is a Temporary solution until a expert Coder develops a Ajax or more elaborate Chat system.

    This was really easy to do and the code is a freebie From widget Me, So I tried it 2 or 3 different ways and it works fine.

    I have My Site redirected in the Host Cpanel to the Home page (CMS) This way all will see the Chat or announcements In the chat window.

    Can be Made to fit 1 column 2 or 3

    For those who haven't quite got the hang of Layouts and widgets, I will try to give a Simple How to:

    1) In the ACP goto ---> CMs---> Widgets
    Make a new widget and name it Chat Box or your Domain Chat Box Make it a Static HTML Save it.

    2) In Widgets find your named Chat Box and Click Configure and add the Code below and Save. ( You Can Resize it as you see fit in configure as well as add Colors)

    3) In CMS goto ---> Layout manager and Place the Widget where you Like. It is completely customizable in size and color.

    You Can See the Optional Layouts in the Screen Shots.

    Demo to see it live. HERE

    As I said, it is a temporary Soulution and I needed it today.

    Example Code to Insert in the Widget go to Outside Link provided to get a personal User ID
    NOTE: The size in the Code is to fit the Demo Shown, you will have to r-size to your own Taste. [​IMG]

    Please Click Installed to let me Know if this was useful to you

    Outside Link HERE

    There is a Floating Chatbox for all your templates (Sits at Bottom) But I prefer not to do Template edits. Another reason this will do for the Time Being.

    If You Try it Let me know how it worked for you.


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    Thank you