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本帖由 x09520600012009-12-22 发布。版面名称:vBulletin 4.0.X 英文插件

  1. x0952060001

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    Top Poster on Forum Home

    This small modifcation will display members with highest post Count on forumhome page.

    This modification can be:
    - Enabled or Disable.
    - Number of members to display can be edited.
    - You can edit the phrase used in this hack.


    -Import the XML file via ... AdminCP > Plugin & Products > Manage Products > Add/Import Product.
    -Edit the setting via ... AdminCP > Settings > Options > SevenSkins Top Posters.

    Tested and working with vBulletin v4.0.0 RC4


  2. gameeee

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    我喜欢 I liked it, good mod