BBR - No Post in X Amount Of Time Warning

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    This modification will show a warning in one of two places, above the post or above the quick reply. That is up to you to select in the adminCP.

    Why did I make this modification?
    I got tired of people posting in/bumping a topic that is a year old.

    Features controlled via the ACP:
    - Show warning if no post in X amount of time
    • 2 Weeks
    • 1 Month
    • 2 Months
    • 1 Year
    - Placement of the warning
    • Above quick reply
    • Above the first post
    - Color of text displayed
    There is several colors to choose from I am to lazy to get the list.

    Import product via ACP
    Edit settings via vbulletin options >> BBR - No Post in X Amount Of Time Warning

    v1.0 - Initial Release


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