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    Monuments and Obelisks by DC Assets - Unity3d 下载

    This pack is a set of highly customizable scenic props for a wide variety of game styles. There are 76 total prefabs with a single and multi-material version of each. Each multi-material model is setup to accept almost any type of tiling materials or textures. You can change the color or textures of each model or the entire set altogether. They are currently setup with PBR materials, but are also fine with non-PBR.

    Every multiMat model has its first UV set equally scaled to maintain a consistent texel density no matter what material you choose and their second UV channel is setup for proper light bakes or specific texture work.

    Included in this set are the following:
    - 4 Antenna pieces
    - 18 Various shapes
    - 4 Mounts or bases for the shapes
    - 11 Ring pieces
    - 2 Mounts for the rings
    - 6 Obelisks
    - 11 Pillars
    - 8 Pillar bases/addons
    - 6 Monoliths/slabs
    - 2 Bases for the monoliths
    - 2 Satellite dishes
    - 2 Satellite mounts
    - 6 2k tiling texture sets
    - 76 1k-4k baked texture sets

    The simpler/smaller models average around 600 verts each, while the medium pieces average 2000 verts and the large ones average 6000.
    Each model has a lower LOD with about half their vert count and can be used as part of the LOD system or stand on its own if you need.

    To use these on mobile games, simply reduce the texture max sizes to whatever your game requires (2048 or lower). You may also want to remove the higher LOD0 model and just use the LOD1.

    Price $30.00