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    Out of the ordinary - 3 FREE SONGS! by irrelevant games - Unity3d 下载

    What's this?
    Does humor belong in music? We don't know. All we know is that sometimes you need something out of the ordinary. Look no further! Here are three songs that for different reasons didn't make it all the way into the games they were produced for. Now available here to change your view on life. And your games.

    3 audio tracks

    Evil Robot From The Future - The Best Groove

    Poets in Pain - Dark Gods Came in Silence

    Hypnotized Philosophers - Frogs 'n' Helicopters

    MP3 (256 Kbit/s)

    Q & A
    Q: Do you make normal music too?
    A: We sure do. Get one of our complete game soundtracks here!

    Q: This particular music is terrible. But anyway, why are you giving it away for free?
    A: Because we love games. And with the right music your games will be even better. And after your first success, we think you'll probably contact us for music written for your next masterpiece.

    Q: Will you publish more free stuff?
    A: We'll add more free stuff to the Asset Store as soon as we can. If you want to support our work please buy one of our paid assets.

    Hire us
    Contact us for music made and/or programmed specifically for your game!

    Let us know
    If you use any of our music, let us know and we'll add a link to your game on our site!
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