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    Monster Muncher Game Example by Kuneko - Unity3d 下载

    Monster Muncher Game Example

    This package contains the complete source code and all assets used to create my simple game 'Monster Muncher'.

    Low poly, mobile friendly, 3D models of a monster and various fast food items. All modeled, unwrapped, and textured. The monster character is also fully rigged and animated.

    Appropriately sized diffuse textures for the monster (512 x 512), fast food items (4 x 512 x 512), and scenery (1024 x 1024).

    All scripts are well optimized and have been written in a self documenting code style in C#. All functions are appropriately named and a .PDF is included as a reference to document the function of each script.

    Monster Muncher is a very simple 3D game that could help those new to game development who wish to learn programming or veteran game developers looking for a basic game to re-skin and build upon.

    Download and play the PC, Mac, and Linux versions here.
    Price $10.00