《Joomla 模板设计》(英文)

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    Joomla! Template Design
    Joomla! Template Design: Create your own professional-quality templates with this fast, friendly guide
    Tessa, Blakeley Silver,
    Publisher: Packt Publishing
    ISBN: 1847191444 Edition: Paperback; 2007-06-29

    This complete, easy-to-use guide for web designers wanting to create
    unique templates for Joomla! websites covers template design
    workflow, debugging and validating code, creating drop-down menus,
    interactive and dynamic forms, and packaging templates for
    distribution, with advice on using multiple templates, replacing
    tables with CSS, using animation and other effects, and tricks to
    tweak existing templates. Readers need basic knowledge of Joomla!
    (which can be gained from Packt's Building Websites with Joomla!), of
    CSS and HTML, and of using Dreamweaver for coding. Written in PHP,
    free, award-winning Joomla! CMS is easy to install, simple to manage,
    reliable, and allows easy publication of content to Web or intranet.
    From simple websites to complex corporate applications, it is used
    world-wide. A Joomla! template controls the presentation of content;
    it provides the design for viewing a Joomla! website and works with
    the content stored in databases to present a complete website.

    Book Details:

    Physical Description: 232 pages
    Edition Info: Paperback; 2007-06-29


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