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本帖由 Xiao.T2008-07-31 发布。版面名称:vBulletin 3.7.X 风格下载

  1. Xiao.T

    Xiao.T 管理员 技术员

    [​IMG] This skin comes in 2 styles....
    The default style is a fixed width board and can be viewed here. The second is an expandable version that expands to 100% width of the users monitor, and that can be viewed here.

    [​IMG] All files are downloaded as .zip files.

    [​IMG] Hacks: The skins are template modifications only. If you have installed any hacks you "may" need to modify the skin to include your hack. Should not be a problem at all.

    Included files are:
    [​IMG]vBulletin 3.7.x skins files ONLY!

    [​IMG] Layered .psd files that you can alter (or leave them) and use "anywhere" on "your" site.

    [​IMG] All graphics needed for this skin.

    [​IMG] Brand new folder icons.

    [​IMG] This set contains hue shifted smilies and icons

    [​IMG] Fonts/Fonts download link.

    [​IMG] Very detailed step by step instruction on how to install this skin.


  2. darkevilpt

    darkevilpt 普通会员