Stone River eLearning – Level Design with Blender and Unity 3D‏

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    Duration 5h 15m With Project Files MP4
    Title: Stone River eLearning – Level Design with Blender and Unity 3D‏
    Level design is a critical component to all games, but a component that can be difficult to get right. Anyone with graphics experience can in theory create a functioning single level game; but creating a game that’s interesting and enjoyable as well as functional takes some finesse. Mastering Blender and Unity 3D is a sure fire way to make your game level design all of this, and more. Develop your level design skills to the highest standard • Understand game level design in both conceptual and practical terms • Design 3D models for game levels • Create textures through Photoshop • Construct and operate a full game level on Unity 3D Construct multi-level games using versatile programs Blender and Unity 3D are both open source programs used by games designers all over the world. Developed by their community of users, they construct games that operate on almost all platforms; from consoles and desktops to mobile and websites. Gaining a knowledge of both programs is hugely beneficial to any game developer, as it fine-tunes your insight and intuition for creating multi-faceted, compelling and exciting game levels. Whether you’re still coming to grips with level design or already have a wealth of experience under your belt, learning level design with Blender and Unity 3D will ensure your skills are up to date and flawless. Course Overview This course includes over 66 lectures and 5 hours of content, suited to anyone with a basic understanding of Blender and Unity 3D. If your interests lie in level design, 3D modelling or texturing, then this course is for you. You’ll first learn about the concepts and best practices of level design, from setting goals and getting references to planning and mapping out your level in Photoshop. You will then move on to modular design and complete basic object manipulation tasks; the first step to creating a full game level. You will go through each aspect of level design in detail; floors, ceilings, walls, focal points, props and other objects, filling in your level as you learn. Then, you’ll add intricate texture to each of these elements, bringing your level design up a notch from basic to something much more professional looking. Reviews and quizzes have been incorporated into each section of this course so that the material covered is constantly refreshed. On completion, you will take away an up to date skill set in Unity 3D and Blender. You will have an understanding of graphics software, game engines, game level design, and how all of these elements work seamlessly to create fun and engaging games.
    工期 5h 15m, 项目文件 MP4
    标题: 石河电子教学-水平设计与搅拌器和团结3D
    水平设计是所有游戏的关键组成部分, 但一个组件, 可能很难得到正确的。任何具有图形经验的人都可以在理论上创建一个功能单一水平的游戏;但是创造一个有趣的、愉快的和功能性的游戏需要一些技巧。掌握搅拌机和团结3D 是一个肯定的火方式, 使您的游戏水平设计的所有这一切, 以及更多。开发您的水平设计技能到最高的标准·了解游戏水平设计在概念和实际的术语·设计3D 模型的游戏级别·通过 Photoshop 创建纹理·构建和运行一个完整的游戏水平的统一3D 构造多层次游戏使用多用途程序搅拌机和团结3D 是两个开放源码程序使用的游戏设计师在世界各地。他们的用户社区开发, 他们构建的游戏几乎所有的平台上运行;从控制台和台式机到移动和网站。获得两个程序的知识是非常有益的任何游戏开发商, 因为它微调你的洞察力和直觉, 创造多方面的, 引人注目的和令人兴奋的游戏水平。无论你是否仍然来与水平设计或已经有丰富的经验在你的腰带, 学习水平设计与搅拌机和团结3D 将确保您的技能是最新的和完美无瑕。课程概述本课程包括超过66讲座和5小时的内容, 适合任何人对搅拌机和团结3D 的基本理解。如果你的兴趣在于水平设计, 3D 建模或贴图, 那么这个课程是给你的。您将首先了解级别设计的概念和最佳实践, 从设置目标和获取参考到规划和绘制 Photoshop 中的级别。然后, 您将继续进行模块化设计, 完成基本的对象操作任务;创建完整游戏级别的第一步。你将详细地通过每个层面的设计。地板, 天花板, 墙壁, 焦点, 道具和其他物体, 填补你的水平, 因为你学习。然后, 您将在这些元素中添加复杂的纹理, 使您的级别设计从基本到更专业的外观。本课程每一节都包含了复习和测验, 使所覆盖的材料不断更新。完成后, 您将带走一个最新的技能设置在统一3D 和搅拌机。您将了解图形软件, 游戏引擎, 游戏级设计, 以及如何所有这些元素无缝地工作, 创造乐趣和参与游戏。
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