Lynda – Unity 2017Architectural Visualization

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    Intermediate | 2h 21m | 622 MB | Project Files | Software used: Unity
    Title: Lynda – Unity 2017Architectural Visualization
    Info: Want to explore architectural models like you do video games? Learn to create architectural visualizations in Unity 2017, the free and full-featured game engine that enables you to turn 3D models into interactive experiences deployed across web, desktop, mobile, TV, consoles, and more. This project-based course takes you step-by-step through the development of an immersive environment for Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous Fallingwater, named “the best all-time work of American architecture” by the American Institute of Architects. Instructor Scott Onstott starts with a SketchUp model that he cleans up and imports into Unity, where he creates the first-person and third-person characters and cameras needed to explore the model. Then he shows how to improve the building’s appearance by sculpting and texturing the surrounding landscape, and populating it with trees, moving grass, and flowing water. Next, he demonstrates how to animate and script doors so they automatically open as the character approaches. Then real-time lighting is baked into textures for greater efficiency and an overview map is added to keep the player oriented within the overall floorplan. Finally, Scott tests and deploys the final interactive visualization for desktop and the web. No plugins are required to view the results! Follow along to build your own version of the project and strengthen your Unity skills.
    中间| 2h 21m | 622 MB |项目文件|软件使用:统一
    信息:要探索建筑模型,喜欢你做的视频游戏吗?学习在Unity 2017中创建架构可视化,免费的,功能齐全的游戏引擎,使你可以把3D模型转换成跨Web、桌面、移动、电视、控制台等更多的交互式体验。本项目课程是通过兰克·劳埃德·赖特著名的流水别墅一个身临其境的环境的发展一步一步的,命名为“由美国建筑师协会美国建筑史上最棒的工作”。教练Scott Onstott开始用sketchup模型,他清理和进口到统一,他创造了第一人称和第三人称人物和摄像机来探索模型。然后,他展示了如何通过雕刻和纹理周围景观改善建筑物的外观,和填充它与树木,割草,和流动的水。接下来,他演示了如何动画和脚本门,以便他们自动打开的字符接近。然后实时照明是烤成的纹理,更高的效率和概述地图添加到保持面向玩家在整体布局。最后,史葛的测试和部署桌面和Web的交互式可视化。无插件需要查看结果!沿着建立自己的项目的版本和加强你的团结能力。
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