Easy Forms v3.7 beta - Create a form or multiple forms without php or html knowledge

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    Easily create forms with no HTML or PHP knowledge. Questions can be made compulsory and are checked before the form is submitted. Forms can be previewed. (You can create multiple forms)

    Backwards compatible with vb v3.7.x and 3.6.8

    Example Form | Help File | Version History

    Question Types:
    • Single line text
    • Multi-line text
    • Multi-select checkboxes
    • Single-select radio buttons
    • Single Select Dropdown
    • Yes/No
    • Multi-line text field using vbeditor (max one per form - limited by vB)
    • Human verification question
    • Custom Question (can query database or do whatever you want)
    • Date (month/ day/ year fields)
    Form can Submit to:
    • new thread in forum
    • new post in thread
    • new pm to user
    • email address
    • save to database
    More Features:
    • Form list categories (optional)
    • Preview form (can disable for individual forms)
    • Optional questions
    • Form Sections
    • Prefix support - you can choose which prefix you want thread to have
    • Different thread/pm title to form title with variables {username} {userid} and {q_1} (replacing 1 with appropriate question number)
    • Poll Options: Multiple choice, public vote, poll question, poll options, poll timeout
    • Regular expression match for single line text input field
    • Usergroup permissions per form
    • Forumid/threadid/username can be specified by input via {value=X} in dropdown, single line input or radio buttons
    • Multiple dropdown select for form usergroup permissions (still optional - leave blank to not use)
    • Option to show link to form list in navbar and quick links (separate options)
    • Import/ Export your forms as XML files - great for transferring forms across forums or creating backups
    • Specify bbcode for questions/ answers/ sections for the form's output
    • Form Hooks: (uses php code)
      1. Before form submitted
        Useful for: your own form validation, multiple form outputs, etc.
      2. At form start
        Useful for: banning userids/usergroups from form, setting minimum post count,etc.
    • Attachments allowed for posting new thread
    • Mass Copy Forms & their questions
    Coming soon:
    • Allow attachments for posting in thread


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