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    What this is and does

    LDM is a general-purpose link and file manager, which handles user uploads and downloads in a flexible way. A range of media players is integrated into LDM and others are included as plugin extras. LDM is described below in the first post of this thread, which also contains a brief list of the currently-known bugs.

    Documentation, screen shots, etc, are provided as a Wiki at

    Version 2.2.9 Alpha 3

    The alpha-3 release of 2.2.9 release, adds more new features listed in the next post and works correctly (I hope) with both vb 3.6 and 3.7.

    As Alpha code, you should install it for test purposes. Do not use on a live site unless you feel really confident.

    Version 2.2.9 Alpha 1

    The first alpha 2.2.9 release remains available for a few days until there is reasonable confirmation that alpha-3 is ok. It fixes the known compliancy problem in 2.2.8, and adds many new features. It works correctly (I hope) with both vb 3.6 and 3.7, but I post it here for convenience.

    See the first post in this thread for details of what's new in 2.2.9

    Please post any reports of problems and suggestions for 3.7 integration here.

    Version 2.2.8

    The 2.2.8 release version of LDM, available in this thread, works correctly in most respects.

    To use this version, install (or keep) the 2.2.8 code and replace the initialisation file with the includes/local_links_init.php file attached to this thread. I have found only one problem, which is with the member profile integration features in LDM.

    You must upgrade LDM to version 2.2.8 in order to run on VB3.7. You can do so before or after upgrading to VB 3.7. The attached initialisation file does not support older versions of LDM software. If you choose to upgrade LDM under VB3.7, a) upload the complete LDM 2.2.8 code, then B) upload the new initialisation file, then c) use vb admincp/products and plugins/upload xml..


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    我更新下LDM 2.3.0 alpha


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