Trigon - an awesome puzzle game 1.0

Unity Trigon - an awesome puzzle game 1.0 完整项目/套件,价格:免费/Free,大小:4.4 MB

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    4.4 MB
    Unity 2017.1.1 或更高版本

    Have you spent hours playing Tangram games? ? Then make yours now with a new gameplay , with an awesome twist

    Grab the chance to build an awesome game similar to 1010!

    - Easily customizable game logic (physics2D driven gameplay mechanism for a bettter customization) and appearance
    - Fun gameplay
    - saving system
    - Theme manager
    - Cool minimalist animations
    - Customize your game board as you want
    - Easy to reskin

    - Play services with leaderboard and Admob ads

    - There are two types of triangles (up and down, making the game more unique and challenging
    - Quick response and help from us
    Optimized for ios and android too
    Contact email: