Enkar Republic Fighters Mega Pack 1.0

Unity Enkar Republic Fighters Mega Pack 1.0 3D模型/车辆/太空,价格:免费/Free,大小:423.5 MB

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    423.5 MB
    Unity 2017.1.0 或更高版本

    This mega pack contains 6 fighters of the Enkar Republic with weapons. It can be used in space RTS games or in a topdown or sidescroller game. It can also be used in a 3rd person spaceship shooter.

    With this mega pack you save 25% compared to purchasing the models separately.

    - Fighter Enkur
    - Bomber Tuulon
    - Scout Zarthak
    - Heavy Fighter Sobuut
    - Interceptor Larham
    - Canonboat Sirtok
    - Enkar modular weapons
    - Modular design
    - 1 torpedo + 1 missiles included
    - 6 different texture sets
    - PSD with intact layers is included
    - All models have 0 rotation
    - PBR textures for the unity 5 standard shader (specular)
    - Ready to use prefabs of all models are included
    - Texture sizes are 2048 and 1024
    - Final tris count depends on how many weapons are used for the ship