Ultra Realistic Car 1.0

Unity Ultra Realistic Car 1.0 3D模型/车辆/陆,价格:免费/Free,大小:12.1 MB

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    12.1 MB
    Unity 2017.1.0 或更高版本

    Ultra high resolution with high poly count and Detailing.Fully customizable car with a textured interior for TPS as well as FPS. Can be used for mobile projects.

    Technical Details
    Wheel poly count 1408(x4)
    Total Mesh tris - 150k

    Texture size: -Body paint and parts: 2048 -Interior: 2048 -Wheels: 1024 -Lights Emissive: 512

    - Car Suspension and Momentum Scripts for realistic physics.
    - Compatible with Unity Vehicle.
    - All materials using PBR Unity Standard shader. Albedo, metallic, smoothness, normal and occlusion textures included.
    - Emissive texture for lights included.
    - You can make custom painting for body and interior.
    - Clear and optimized geometry.
    - Highly textured Interior for best FPS experience.
    - Separated and properly aligned four wheels, brake discs and brake calipers. Works perfectly with Unity Vehicle.
    - Separated Glass and dashboard.
    - Car Momentum can be optimised along with suspension.
    - Car paint colour and smoothness can be optimised.
    - All materials, textures and other parts of package properly named for your added convenience.
    -Add a Reflection Probe to get a realistic glow like you see in the screenshots!

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    Support Email: sachitmisra01@gmail.com